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What We Do

20+ years converting donated vehicles
into funds for 501(c)(3) non-profits


If you’re at the beginning of your mission, or need an additional source of donor support, we can launch your car donation program and guide you every step of the way. We offer a hassle-free program with no upfront costs, period. For more information.

Fundraising Partner

If your current vehicle donation campaign is falling short, or you’re looking for an additional funding partner, we’re here for you. Our flat-fee model maximizes the proceeds to your cause. We get the most out of your donor’s contribution. For more information.

Our Advantage Is Your Advantage.

We’re not a middle man, we are "The Man". We own and operate the call center, offices, vehicle processing facility, and online auction. Being a hands-on company allows us strict control and management of your valuable resources. For more information.

Simple Startup

Turn-Key Programs For Any Size Organization

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Maximum Value

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Start Accepting Vehicle Donations

We’ve all seen it, displayed on the tail end of a transit bus, a wall of advertising to “Donate Your Car”. The same message resonates daily on National Public Radio. Jingles have been created to coax people into this wonderful act of giving. If your supporters are cash limited, and you don’t have the means to accept vehicle donations, those wonderful gifts will go elsewhere.

Partner with us and have those donations directed to your organization, helping to meet your funding goals. Getting started is easy and there are no upfront costs involved. If you need help developing an online presence, we can create your custom website or utilize key strategies for increased visits to your current site. We can leverage our extensive online marketing experience to generate the right kind of donors for you.

Partner With Us

The vast majority of vehicle donation companies in existence today serve as clearing houses for donated cars. Outside of getting the donated vehicle to the actual company doing the work of selling it, and providing the donor with a tax receipt, little else is done. Without laying a hand on the donated vehicle, they claim up to 50% of the net proceeds.

Our goal is to get the most out of every donated vehicle, while collecting only a flat fee for our valuable service. When reading your financial reports, if you see a large portion of precious funds bleeding into the processors side, it’s likely time to explore an alternative. Contact us today and we’ll get you on the path to maximizing your efforts, and getting more money for your cause.

Hands-on Processing

Direct quality management and a flat-fee structure allow us to deliver consistently higher funding proceeds than other vehicle donation processing companies. We’ve eliminated excessive outsourcing and money wasting practices. We have the tools to manage and complete all aspects of the donation process so you can focus on your mission.

We are Southern California’s largest volume vehicle donation processor. Our offices and processing facility are located in Orange, CA. Our logistics hub is located in Stockton, CA. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the proven results delivered to our non-profit partners. We look forward to working with your charity and growing with your mission.

How It Works

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