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Donors have limited funds to give. Having an
alternative to donating CASH is a great option.


Why Choose Us?

More funding to your cause, faster

Less Fees

Most fundraisers that operate vehicle donation programs, do so on a percentage basis. This model diverts the lion’s share of proceeds to themselves and their process. After satisfying 3rd party fees and the fundraiser’s earmark, there’s not much leftover for the non-profit.

Cut Out The Middle Man

Sometimes the fundraiser is referred to as a middle man, and some are exclusively that. They rely on others to handle the “heavy lifting” of vehicle donations while focusing only on their incentive. Outside of having an office with minimal staffing, they have little else invested.

Flat-Fee Structure

We're different. JUST DONATED utilizes a cost effective flat-fee system, maximizing funds to the non-profit. Our process and practices are transparent from start to finish. We convert donated vehicles into cash and fund the non-profit every 5-days.*

*The donation net proceeds are issued or deposited into an account solely held by the non-profit within 5 working days after completion of the vehicle sale.


20+ Years

Industry Leader

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Quick Turnaround

5-day Funding*

Proudly Representing


Disabled Veterans Empowerment Network

Disabled Veteran Empowerment Network’s mission is to identify veteran organizations that are providing genuine support to the veteran community and provide monetary support to those programs. We make a meaningful difference in the lives of our Nation’s disabled veteran community by providing information and resources to increase their safety and independence and to enable them to have the best possible quality of life.

cancer journeys foundation logo

Cancer Journeys Foundation

Cancer Journeys Foundation (CJF) gives cancer survivors the tools they need to survive and help their fellow Journeyers. For the majority of cancer survivors and their caregivers, active support from their medical team stops at the end of their formal course of treatment. CJF provides cancer survivors and their caregivers the information and support they need to develop and implement effective plans to move forward with their lives.

Your Mission Becomes Our Mission.
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